FAQ & rates

 I don't believe in Fixed-in-stone- take -it- or- leave -it pricing.

We don't operate that way. I recognize that everyones situation is different and make every attempt to work with everyone in our community regardless of financial situation.

   If you are experiencing financial distress due to unemployment or elderly fixed income, let us know.

PURPLE HEART recipient Veterans ,

no charge service available- YOU have given enough, 

Common pick up rates- <occasionally negotiable>



Refrigerator recycling or freezer disposal

$60-75 depending on location

Dorm size refrigerator $35

BBQ Grill $35

Stove $40

Microwave ovens $25

washer/ dryer set. $45 first floor only, add $10 per floor if upstairs

Lawn mowers $10-20


anything else- lets talk about it

 Quick questions I'll ask when you call - is the item still inside the house? Whats the general neighborhood so I can estimate drive time


WE  NO LONGER GO INSIDE HOMES prefer to retreive from garage or driveway if I can.